Coal suppliers & coke manufacturers

Coal suppliers & coke manufacturers - ICS Dyechem Enterprises is a well famous name in the coal suppliers & coke manufacturers business as he has been serving universal clients associated to this area from more than a decade under the brand name ICS Dyechem.

Coal Suppliers & Manufacturers in India

Coal Suppliers & Manufacturers in India - ICS Dyechem Enterprises is leading coal suppliers & manufacturers in India. Offering an extensive range of Steam Coal, Metallurgical Coke, Coking Coal, Metallurgical coal, Coking Coal.

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ICS Dyechem Enterprises is one of the leading importer and trader of coke & Coal suppliers in India.With over two decades of experience, over 100 million worth tonnes of coal & coke trading and strong relationship with port authorities, railways, shipping companies, mine owners, suppliers and valued customers, it is one of the most trusted and reputed name in the coal and coke industry.

We import coal, coke, Calcined & Raw Petroleum Coke, Graphite Dust & flakes from countries like Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, China, Ukraine and Russia or procure it domestically from Coal India Limited.

We enjoy long term business relationships with vendors, port authorities, railways and customers (leading corporates in the Aluminum, Steel & Iron, Graphite, cement and power sectors) in India, Bhutan, Nepal & Bangladesh.
Trust and reliability has been a key growth driver for us. Timely implementation of contracts and fulfilling commitments to the pleasure of both suppliers and buyers is our forte.

With our head office in eastern hub of India, ie Kolkata, we have an advanced professional team who efficiently manage business operations and ensure best services to customers.

ICS Dyechem Enterprises is one of the Coal suppliers in India, Metallurgical Coke Suppliers, Coking Coal Suppliers, Metallurgical coal in India, Coal Mines in India, Metallurgical Coal Supplier & Coke Manufecturers in India. We provide quality products with competitive prices.