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Coal suppliers & coke manufacturers - ICS Dyechem Enterprises is a well famous name in the coal suppliers & coke manufacturers business as he has been serving universal clients associated to this area from more than a decade under the brand name ICS Dyechem.

Coal Suppliers & Manufacturers in India

Coal Suppliers & Manufacturers in India - ICS Dyechem Enterprises is leading coal suppliers & manufacturers in India. Offering an extensive range of Steam Coal, Metallurgical Coke, Coking Coal, Metallurgical coal, Coking Coal.

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Coking Coal or Metallurgical coal

We at ICS dyechem  Enterprises provide coking coal at various specifications and quantities . For any information or detail kindly leave a enquiry.

Metallurgical coal or coking coal is used in the process of creating coke necessary for iron and steel-making. Coke is a porous, hard black rock of concentrated carbon that is created by heating bituminous coal without air to extremely high temperatures.
Thermal coal is used for the purpose of producing heat and cannot be coked. Coking coal is a half product which needs to be coked before being used in iron/steel production.Coking coal is hard to supply and most of the time more expensive.Metallurgical coal is primarily sold to steel mills and used in the integrated steel mill process.

ICS Dyechem Enterprises is famous as Coal suppliers in India and also well-known as Indonesian coal suppliers which have superior standards.We also supply clean Coal with low ash & low sulfur Content.WE have been supplying high calories coal to China, Thailand and India.
Coal prices in india captures the information on Price and Volume for a user defined time interval. It also contains the Live Stock Price and Volume, 52 Week High Low, Bid and Offer Price and Volume.The company ICS Dyechem Enterprises is a  Importer and Coking Coal Supplier . The company offers Indian Coking Coal known for its unsurpassed quality.

ICS Dyechem Enterprises , along with its subsidiaries and associates, is the Metallurgical coal supplierCoal companies in India on core business to coal beneficiation and power generation. Many years ago coal has been used as an important source, Some of the top producers of both thermal and Metallurgical coal in India & China.

There are three main categories of metallurgical coal by coal suppliers:-

1. Hard Coking Coal:  high-strength coke
2. Semi-soft Coking Coal: lesser quality coke
3. PCI coal: useed blast furnace to replace expensive cok

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