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Coal suppliers & coke manufacturers - ICS Dyechem Enterprises is a well famous name in the coal suppliers & coke manufacturers business as he has been serving universal clients associated to this area from more than a decade under the brand name ICS Dyechem.

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Coal Suppliers & Manufacturers in India - ICS Dyechem Enterprises is leading coal suppliers & manufacturers in India. Offering an extensive range of Steam Coal, Metallurgical Coke, Coking Coal, Metallurgical coal, Coking Coal.

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Sodium Sulphite

20150122072724-sodium sulphiteWhat is Sodium Sulpfite?

Sodium sulfite (sodium sulphite) is a soluble sodium salt of sulfurous acid (sulfite) with the chemical formula Na2SO3. It is a product of sulfur dioxide scrubbing, a part of the flue-gas desulfurization process. It is also used as a preservative to prevent dried fruit from discoloring, and for preserving meats, and is used in the same way as sodium thiosulfate to convert elemental halogens to their respective hydrohalic acids, in photography and for reducing chlorine levels in pools.

Sodium sulphite is a sodium salt which is very easily soluble in water. Sodium sulphite is used in paper industries for the manufacture of pulps and papers. Sodium sulphite is the best chemical which can dissolve in water and convert the paper and hardboards into soft pulps. ICS Dyechem Enterprises is a one of the supplier of Sodium SulphiteSoda ash and we are Soda ash suppliers in India in large industrial level.

Applicable in:

  • Photographic
  • Textile
  • Leather industries
  • Paper industries


  • Desulfurizing agent
  • Bleaching agent
  • Dechlorinating agent
  • Hypo clear solution to fixer

We at ICS Dyechem ensure proper quality check before purchasing and supplying of the chemical. We supply Sodium sulfite at various quantities.

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